Developing business agility

Who we are

Capiro is an independent company which offers consultancy, project support and training as well as coaching and mentoring in the field of requirements, business architecture and all aspects of business analysis.

We take a holistic view of requirements as demonstrated in our requirements grid.

We provide support for a comprehensive range of activities that combine to contribute to project success  and endeavour to get things right first time. These activities include so called soft skills such as how to negotiate effectively, run workshops, deliver memorable presentations and conduct efficient interviews; these skills are essential to the analyst (requirements engineer) wishing to be effective in the role.

We also focus on a range of stakeholder interfaces to the requirements process. These include the interfaces to the business, to project management, to architecture, design and development, testing and release management.

Our preferred business model is to use the services of excellent and highly experienced independent consultants. This enables us to keep costs at a minumum whilst going for the highest quality available ; we pass on these cost savings directly to our customers. We pride ourselves on using only the best available consultants, normally preferring those with whom we have worked with previously, or those recommended by people we trust and respect.

At Capiro, we are methodology agnostic ; whilst we are aware of a number of effective methodologies, we are also aware of, and agree with, Michael Jackson's observation that the usefulness of a methodology is inversely proportional to its generality (“Software Requirements and Specifications” - Michael Jackson). We believe in using the right tool for the right job. We also believe in Ian Alexander's proposed order for improvement - procedures, then methodologies, then tools. However, we believe there are certain basic principles that are consistently true and must be applied, whatever the methodology. We can help you get to grips with your chosen approach, but we focus on these fundamental principles.

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