Developing business agility

Mission and Value Statement

Our mission is to help our clients maximise the chances of success in their business change programmes and associated projects. It may be summarised as 'Help the clients understand the problem before they buy a 'solution.''

We work with our clients to identify and solve their real business problems and achieve desired and desirable business change by helping them to identify and agree goals and objectives, options for achieving this and the requirements that any solution must satisfy to be acceptable. We distinguish this approach from one in which a less than optimal solution is seized upon as a reaction to percieved problem symptoms rather than from an understanding of the true nature of the problem. A set of requirements based upon such an analysis will be focussed. Programme and project scopes will be minimised. The chances of success will be high. 

To help our clients we can supply interim staff, consultancy, training, coaching and mentoring. We seek to supply what our clients need at time to suit them.

Our concern for quality is reflected in the quality of our consultants who have many years of relevant experience with top companies and management consultancies. This concern for quality is carried through our other products and services and is seen in our attention to detail.

Having top quality consultants, products and services can help to reduce the total cost of engagement for our clients.

We also seek to reduce the cost of project success by encouraging a holistic approach to requirements engineering that utilises effective partnerships, realises the critical role of soft skills and seamlessly integrates relevant techniques. We will endeavour to pass on our skills to our clients through coaching, mentoring and training.

We believe that we can offer the quality expected from a top consultancy. And we will always ensure that our products and services are offered at very acceptable prices.

Agile Alliance Sponsor