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Business Analysis Consulting - Requirements Elicitation and Management


Capiro requirements experts provide the following services:


  • Facilitate requirements discovery sessions to efficiently identify, capture and analyse the goals and requirements that will provide the critical services that your organisation needs.
  • Capture requirements in the context of your business processes, business rules and business information.
  • Document the requirements to ensure that the business purpose and value of every requirement is clear.
  • Work with your testers to create acceptance tests for the requirements.
  • Introduce requirements practices that work well in agile environments.
  • Identify effective means of capturing and documenting quality (‘non-functional’) requirements.
  • Identify effective means of capturing and documenting architecturally significant requirements.
  • Model the goals and requirements to facilitate analysis, validation and verification.
  • Document the requirements and the requirements models on your tool or media of choice.
  • Identify potentially valuable tools for supporting your requirements elicitation efforts.
  • Integrate requirements and testing tools in order to automate your requirements process.



Further assistance


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