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Project startup - Vision, goals and requirements

The critical success factors for the business analyst and the project manager are similar; they are natural partners. They are both concerned with identifying what the client wants and needs, and with satisfying that need.

Early identification of the business problem to be solved will lead to definition of goals, vision, business requirements and customer expectations. These in turn will clarify what the project needs to achieve, its budgets and its time scales.

Clarity on requirements and their priorities helps to minimise the scope which can be critical to achieving a successful project and delivering customer value.

Capiro's highly experienced business analysts can facilitate the above critical tasks and so help your project management team launch the project.

The same skills, working in support of the project manager, can help control the entire project.


Pre-Project Planning

1 or 2 Capiro business analysis consultants can facilitate the following:

  • Analysis of the business problem to be solved or opportunity to be realised.
  • Definition, agreement and prioritisation of the project goals and vision.
  • Identification and prioritisation of the high level requirements.
  • Agreement on the most appropriate project approach.
  • Early identification of architecturally significant requirements.
  • Preparation of business case and planning for benefits realisation.


Further assistance


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