Developing business agility

Business Analysis Consulting - Data Architecture



Capiro information architects can you assist you with the following services

Information modelling


Define a business data architecture.

Understand the concepts that are the backbone of your business.

Create a glossary of business data for increased business agility.

Integrate your information, business process and business rules models.

Establish a solid foundation for your business information and intelligence systems.


How we can help you?


  • Train, coach and mentor your data analysts and architects.
  • Supply tailored standards, procedures and guidelines for data analysis.
  • Supply data analysts and architects to participate in or lead your data modelling projects.
  • Review existing data models.
  • Audit your current standards and processes for data modelling and analysis.
  • Advise on and introduce appropriate tools to support data modelling.
  • Identify business rules from data models.
  • Identify and confirm business rules from the data models.
  • Simply your requirements and business process specifications by separating process and data.


Further assistance


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