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What is a business analysis centre of excellence?


This can include your strategies and approach, the procedures, tools and techniques that you use, and your relationships with other groups, both internal and external. It caters for what you do currently and what you plan to do in the future.
In short, it is concerned with developing top class business analysis support for change within the organisation.


Why have a centre of excellence?

Organisations are needing to change at an ever increasing speed. They rely on people who understand their problems and business opportunities and who can quickly identify options and deliver solutions for realising those opportunities. An effective business analysis team is core to that need. A business analysis centre of excellence ensures that the business analysts have at their disposal all the tools, resources and effective interfaces that they need to do the job now and in the future.


How can you develop a centre of excellence?

Developing a business analysis centre of excellence is a natural follow on to a process review.
Our business analysis consultants will work with you to formulate a tailored definition of the centre of excellence appropriate to your organisation and develop a rollout plan for its implementation.
We will then apply agile principles in working with you to build the centre of excellence. At the same time, we will provide mentoring, coaching and training as considered useful.

Further assistance


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