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What are business rules?

Business rules are derived from organisational policy and should serve to protect the organisation.
They affect the running of processes, relationships between data and they exercise control on changes to the data.
Without proper management they can easily become out of date and irrelevant to the current state of the organisation.They can also require extensive IT involvement to change.

Questions to ask about your organisation's business rules

  • Are they easily accessible and searchable?
  • Are they under the control of the business or of IT?
  • Are they buried away, in documents in software applications or in data base routines?
  • How long does it take to change a business rule?

Advantages of well controlled business rules

  • Enables business processes to dynamically refer to the rules in their own online repository.
  • No need to embed rule descriptions in business process descriptions.
  • Gain better understanding of your data by clarifying the business rules that govern their inter-relationships.
  • Reduce maintenance costs of the rules.
  • Make it easy for the business to review and change rules for business security and business advantage.


Gaining control of your business rules

  • Extract them from inaccessible documents, applications and database code.
  • Hold them in their own repository.
  • Put them under the control of the business community rather than IT.

Now they can be maintained easily by the business.
  • They can be implemented on automated rules repositories.
  • Accessed dynamically from workflow systems.

What Next?

If you would like a business rules specialist from Capiro to review the rules at your organisation, please give us a call on 01202 767 725 or contact us with our contact form.
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