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Focus on the batton, not the runner.




What is lean agile business analysis?


Agile analysis has the following characteristics:

  • Focussed on business value.
  • Uses interative and incremental techniques in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Respects and incorporates essential principles from various recognised agile approaches.
  • Develops close partnerships with agile teams, building and testing the products.
  • Restricts the number of items in ‘work in progress’ to achieve greater throughput.
  • Focusses on requirements to deliver the minimum viable product, reducing time to market and increasing speed of assessment of market reaction.
  • Demonstrates high visibility and transparency.


Why lean agile business analysis?


Agile analysis can counter tendencies for teams to commence projects that have no agreed vision, prioritised goals or clearly understood business value, or for teams to work in silos, to initiate projects with too ambitious a scope, to make the development process siloed, impenetrable and unnecessarily bureaucratic, to request over engineered solutions or to continue too long without any real evaluation of progress or likely value to be delivered. This list can easily be extended.


What the lean agile business analyst brings to development


  • Develops close partnerships with business stakeholders, where the analyst’s skills can support the product owners and product managers in defining business problems and identifying options for business solutions.
  • Develops close partnerships with the architects to understand the bigger picture and to encourage increasing long term agility, helping agile techniques to scale up to the largest problems.
  • Develops close partnerships with the agile teams responsible for the development and testing of valued solutions.
  • Creates easy to understand models that help manage, explore and understand complex situations.
  • Displays expertise in communication and negotiation.



Business analyst training in Lean Agile Business Analysis


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