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Business Analysis Consulting - Roles of Business Analysts and Business Analysis Consultants



Levels of Business Analysis

  1. Strategic: Business transformations; Business change; Business architecture and Target operating models; Business architecture; Business agility; Business cases
  2. Operational: Business processes; Business data and information; Management information and Decision support; Business rules; Business goals; Business requirements; Agile analysis; Problem analysis
  3. Tactical:  Software requirements; Functional and Non functional requirements; Use cases; User stories; Agile analysis.


Business Analyst Roles

Business analysis is a demanding function comprising many specific roles, e.g.

- Problem Solver; Modeller; Planner; Facilitator; Negotiator; Reporter; Mediator; Interpreter; Fact Finder; Interviewer; Reviewer; ...

Business analysts need to be:

- Business and people oriented; Technically savvy; Effective networkers; Team players; Independent of politics; Self starters; ...

Business Analyst Skills Profile

To fulfil the demands of the job, business analysts need a variety of skills, both hard and soft, e.g.

Spinning plates

  • Understand the nature of business strategy, goal setting and business planning.
  • Able to think conceptually, to analyse and understand root causes of problems and to identify business based solutions to the identified problems.
  • Able to create business architectures and participate effectively in business change programmes.
  • Competent with business process modelling, business data modelling and business rules.
  • Possess a large range of communication skills including making presentations, interviewing, attending and running meetings and report writing.
  • Demonstrate people skills such as team leading and negotiation.
  • Apply project skills such as the creation of business cases, setting objectives and planning.

Business Analysis Consultants and Business Analysis Consulting

At Capiro, we have decades of experience in the varied roles of the business analyst and the business architect. We have gained this experience as successful practitioners, consultants, mentors, coaches and trainers. We cover all levels and roles of analysis. We can help to develop the skills and effectiveness of you and your team through consulting, training, mentoring and coaching.

Our experience crosses the business and technical divides. Each consultant possess a range of experience to compliment their capabilities as analysts and architects; depending on the consultant, this range includes programme and project management, change management, design and technical architecture, programming and testing. Such backgrounds make our consultants the ideal choice where cross function communication is paramount.

In a nutshell, we know how to analyse and solve business problems and how to implement solutions based on those problems.

Specifically, Capiro offers support for the following aspects of business and systems analysis :


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