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Capirò (Italian – “I will understand”)

Capiro is an independent company specialising in all things related to business analysis and business architecture. We focus on the role of business analyst, not the title. The role may be assumed by full time business analysts, business stakeholders, team members in an agile project and so on. We see business architecture as a natural extension of this role for suitably qualified and experienced team members.

Our passion is to help clients to analyse business situations so that they understand the underlying problems and opportunities before acquiring a solution. Our approach is pragmatic and flexible, based on what our clients really want and need. We listen to our client's story and help them to devise a plan for success. Our approach in any particular situation is driven by characteristics and risks of that situation and by the goals of the organisation and its stakeholders.

Capiro offers guidance through consultancy, the supply of interim staff, business analysis training, plus coaching and mentoring of business analysts and business architects.

Our business analysis training

We believe that the business analyst role can offer organisations so much more than is commonly realised. Our training seeks to equip business analysts with comprehensive set of approaches, techniques and soft skills that they will support them in accomplishing their role. We realise that a single training course does not turn someone into an expert and so we offer post training guidance and support in the form of coaching, mentoring, consultancy and the provision of temporary project staff and managers.

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