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Business Analysis & Architecture - Guidance, Support, Training

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Team Guidance

  • Assess your current process
  • Create requirements that deliver value
  • Integrate with agile and business architecture

Team Development

  • IREB for requirements expertise
  • ILM endorsed people skills

Team Support

  • Business Analysts & Architects
  • Agile Experts and Product Managers
  • Programme and Project Managers

Our business is Business Analysis, Business Architecture and Requirements

Our Mission: To help clients to understand the problem before acquiring a solution.

Our business analysis skills include:

  • Business process analysis management
  • Data and information analysis and management
  • Business rules analysis and management
  • ‘Soft skills’ such as team leading, negotiation, facilitation and presentations

We adopt and adapt approaches to agile analysis and agile modelling. We incorporate practices from Scrum, Kanban and the more recent innovations in enterprise agile,as relevant to a situation.

The Capiro founder was co-creator of an approach called Quick Fire. This approach featured iterative and incremental development, timeboxed delivery cycles, multi-disciplinary teams and integrated development and testing. Quick Fire appeared 2 years before the agile manifesto.

We are structured as 3 complimentary and interacting areas.

  • Business analysis and business architecture consulting: Short term client assignments to recommend improvements to the clients’ current practices in business analysis, agile business analysis, architecture and integration with other teams in IT and business change programmes.
  • Business analysis training: Training in the hard and soft skills for business analysts carrying out the challenging functions of business analysis and architecture.
  • Interim IT project staff: Business analysts, Business architects, Project and Programme Managers, Testers and Senior IT managers.

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